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I am now on the road. I’m traveling with collaborators and staying in the homes of a few. I’m taking a few busses, too.

I wanted to give you a heads-up. I have just launched a Fractured Atlas page. I have tried to create our collaborative feature SMALL STAR SEMINAR with very little money. It’s reaching a point where financial support is required.

Fractured Atlas is a fiscal sponsorship. This means donations to the project are now tax deductible. If you know of any individuals or organizations that would only donate to a non-profit please send them to this link.
Donate now!

In September I had the honor of performing the Small Star Seminar at RIFF in Reykjavik Iceland. Here is a performance clip with footage provided by local collaborators.

Upcoming SSS performances now include:

– Tues. Feb. 09/2016. @ Co-Prosperity Sphere. Chicago, IL.
– Wed. Feb 10/2016. @ The Accord. Champaign, IL.
– Fri. Feb 12/2016. @ Negative Space. Cleveland, OH.
– Wed. Feb. 17/2016. @ The Apohadion Theater. Portland, ME.
– Sat. Feb. 20/2016. @ PhilaMOCA. Philadelphia, PA.
– Fri. Feb. 26/2016. @ The Ideal. Baltimore, MD.
– Sat. Feb. 27/2016. @ Black Sheep and Burritos. Huntington, WV.
– Tue. Mar. 03/2016. @ University student union. Asheville, NC.
– Wed. Mar. 02/2016. @ The Earl. East Atlanta, GA.
– Thu. Mar. 03/2016. @ Malco Studio on the Square. Memphis, TN.

You can hear the Small Star Seminar album in its entirety at:

More soon!
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