Cory McAbee Bio

Cory McAbee is the host and curator of Word4Word IRL. He is best known as writer, director, songwriter and co-composer for the award-winning feature films, The American Astronaut (2001), Stingray Sam (2009), Crazy and Thief (2012) and as singer/songwriter for the internationally acclaimed musical group The Billy Nayer Show (1989–2011). In 2012 McAbee founded the international arts collaborative, Captain Ahab’s Motorcycle Club with the goal of creating international solidary between artists through the creation of a globally generated feature film. The film is called Deep Astronomy and the Romantic Sciences. In January of 2015 McAbee recorded and produced his first solo album entitled, Small Star Seminar (available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.) The album was appropriated by the collaborative and became a catalyst for the film’s narrative. In 2020 McAbee began the Red Planet Planning Commission. Its primary function is to support eco-friendly end-of-life practices while helping to bolster and restore endangered pollinating species. RPPC uses art, science, social events and entertainment to create a narrative around alternative, yet feasible ideas for introducing a living ecosystem to the planet Mars while developing parallel sister-programs to support Earth’s environment, aid in wildlife restoration and to help people during the most difficult periods in their lives.